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About Stradbroke Island

Welcome to Stradbroke Island Adventures, we believe in ecologically sustainable tourism that provides our guests with an unforgettable and unique island experience. Our culture is built on an environmental and historic understanding of the Bay Islands and the surrounding Moreton Bay Marine Park.

We offer customised adventure and accommodation packages that are tailored to suit your needs.
Stradbroke Island Adventures is owned and operated by the Ward family, we’ve been having a love affair with Stradbroke Island since 1973, we love this place so much that we decided to “live the dream” and move to “South Straddie” permanently in 2003.

Our mission is to “Share the love and appreciation of this very special place; with YOU”

Engage in a romantic beachside escape or couples retreat; embark on a guided bush walk or just relax beachside with a gourmet beach BBQ whilst watching the sea eagles do the fishing. Sunset happy hour is breath taking watching the transitioning light over the Gold Coast Hinterland from your Broadwater vantage point. The ever changing sandscape and generally perfect weather offers day visitors and holiday makers a variety of unique experiences in the great outdoors. Come on a four-wheel-drive adventure with us, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking & Surfing are our specialties, or we can always help you catch your own bait for a Fun Family Fishing Adventure.

South East Queensland’s perfect climate ensures that you can have fun in the sun all through the year. You will be blown away by nature’s show; the buzz of spring, hazy & lazy summer days, autumn’s changing colours and wonderful winter can be a real treat tucked in behind a warm sand dune with smaller crowds and perfect offshore conditions.

We will provide you with a unique island experience... and it’s all so close…hidden away only 15 minutes from the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast.

About Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke, the largest of three barrier islands protecting Moreton Bay was the first bay island to be occupied by European settlers. The southern end of the island ‘the tail’ that in 1896 broke away to become South Stradbroke, had been for thousands of years a pathway and ‘sometime home’ for generations of Aboriginal people.

South Stradbroke is a hidden gem full of nature’s gifts and rich in local history that will entice you to Explore, Play and Relax in her abundant beauty. The early European visitors marvelled at the natural beauty of the island with her wind swept beaches, abundant sea life and unique palm forests. Surprisingly little has changed in one hundred and sixty years, the surrounding waters are filled with wildlife, including majestic hump back whales, playful dolphins and also (now rarely seen) dugong & sea turtles. On land there is a diverse range of wildlife including the shy Golden Swamp Wallaby, the inquisitive Agile Wallaby and the bandicoots. Sugar Gliders & the elusive Echidna are also seen on the island. Birdlife is prolific, the short distance from the mainland means the birds can commute with ease. Amongst the most interesting birds sighted are: Jabiru, Quail, Pheasant, Cuckoo, Drongo, Honey Eaters, Hawks and Osprey. There are also several endangered species of Migratory Wader birds that fly across the globe to nest on Stradbroke Island each year. With respect, understanding and education we can all enjoy and conserve this natural treasure for generations to come.

Stradbroke Island is one of the world’s pure sand islands, South Stradbroke is approximately 21km long and 2.5km wide at its widest point & more than 70% Conservation Park, indeed a rare and beautiful holiday destination. Vehicle traffic is very limited offering a refreshing change from the bustle of mainland Australia; you have the feeling of stepping back in time. The island’s untamed wilderness and rugged, natural charm entices from the first step you take onto her inviting shores. We encourage you to “go off line” to enjoy all the island has to offer without interruption….yet all modern conveniences are available if you feel the urge to stay connected. 

Once here, slip into island living and explore the dozens of tracks which wind through one of the world's cleanest & least populated sand island.  Immerse yourself in the ancient Livistona and Paperbark forests which flourish and provide a home to many species of the islands birds, reptiles and mammals.